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Side, Manavgat, Titreyengol, Sorgun

The old town of Side is set on a peninsula with sandy beaches to either side, surrounded still by the ancient city walls. It boasts an impressive ancient Hellenistic theatre, the largest in the area, with seating for 17,000, overlooking the sea; a charming museum and the stunning Temple of Apollo, a romantic spot at sunset. The old town is limited by the walls and the sea, which has been a bonus, meaning that the accommodation here is mostly pensions and small hotels. The long stretch of sandy beach a few kilometres outside the old town, known with good reason as ‘kumköy’ or ‘sand village’, has become the centre of tourism development in the town and is now home to large four and five star hotels and good quality self-catering accommodation. Side has something for everyone: great beaches, history, an abundance of shops, lively nightlife and a good choice of restaurants.

Manavgat, located slightly inland, is the administrative capital of the area, though with the gradual spread of development, it has become increasing difficult to separate the two. Titreyengol, or “shimmering lake” is another province of Manavgat and popular hotel location.