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Yalova used to be a district of Istanbul until some years ago and than became a province itself having 100.000 inhabitants approximately and is a beautiful city in the Marmara region of Anatolia with green plateaus, agricultural areas and spas. Yalova hot springs are located to the south of the Sea of Marmara, 11 km southwest of the town of Yalova in a wonderfully green setting. There is a good road between Istanbul - Yalova and Bursa - Yalova and car and passenger ferries have a regular schedule between Istanbul - Yalova (50 minutes journey).

Hot Springs

The Yalova hot springs have a natural water outlet, flowing at a rate of 15 liters per second with the potential capacity of 1,651 person/day/bath and 1651 beds on the basis of 600 liters per person l day l bath.

The hot springs have a composition of sodium chloride, calcium sulfate and fluoride. With a temperature of 57 to 60 C, 7.3 to 7.6 PH, and 1,435 mg/lt total mineral content, the waters are suitable for both bathing and drinking. Yalova hot springs are known for their therapeutic qualities, especially for rheumatic diseases, digestive maladies, neurological and urological disorders and metabolic problems.

Yalova spa incorporates open and covered pools, baths, offers massage, underwater massage and drinking cures. The spa includes a couple of hotels with a total of 202 beds, a first-class restaurant with typical Turkish meals, cafeteria, a very attractive park and forest.