Specialist destination services in Turkey and Greece for Latin American, Spanish, Portuguese, Mena and Greek clients..
Intra Tours - an outstanding partner in a uniquely exciting destination - providing travel solutions in Turkey since 1980
Innovative Solutions, Reliable, Quality Services and Affordable Pricing to Tour Operators, Incentive Houses and Travel Planners
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Luxury Travel with Intra’s Platinum Service

It is when working with the most discerning of clients that Intra Tours really comes into its own. Our many years’ experience as bespoke travel designers have resulted in excellent contacts with the finest establishments in Turkey – whether your client wants to hire a private helicopter, an exclusive yacht, or find the ideal beachfront retreat, we already have it at our fingertips. When money is no object, attention to detail and the highest standards of service become all the more important. Especially when expectations are high, we always aim to exceed and not merely to meet them.

We have the imagination to offer your clients something unique, the vision to create breath-taking experiences and the knowledge and contacts to make sure that all arrangements are executed to the highest of standards.